Environmental Pledge

At Laura Stoddart, we strive to reduce the negative impact that we have on our environment, both within the UK and worldwide. 

By using FSC paper and other sustainable papers for all our products and their packaging to replacing single-use plastics with fully compostable biofilm to best protect our recyclable greeting cards and our stationery we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

We design and manufacture all our products in the UK, other than paper napkins and matches (sadly there are no manufacturers here), and by doing so we are conserving energy and are ever mindful of reducing waste. 

We re-use every piece of packaging we receive from our manufacturers, whether this is for repackaging in our studio stock room or for our outgoing orders.  For everything else which is not readily processed and put to good use at our local recycling centre we use Terracycle. This includes every single piece of sticky tape, film based wrap and plastic strapping!  We no longer have any other bins!

As a team and company, we are committed to becoming greener every day. We know that we're not perfect, but we have made some big steps that we are proud of.

We continue to take significant steps and our sustainability mission will continue to be at the top of our agenda.